Established in 1984, with headquarters in Geneva Switzerland, branch offices and representative offices in Africa, South America and Asia.

De Saga SA is a consulting and agency company representing international merchants and producers and has agreements with private and government organizations in many countries.

The company’s textile division focuses mainly on the sale raw cotton, from any growth, as well as yarn and fabrics.

In South-East Asia De Saga SA represents producers of:
PA6 and PA66 - Polyester - PBT - PTT - PP - Spandex - PA6 High Tenacity Yarns - PA66 High Tenacity Yarns - Textile Tire and Rubber Reinforcement Materials (PA6, PA66, PET, Aramide, Rayon & Hybrids) - Acrylic Fibres.

The food division supplies Guar Gum and Flavors to the food industry.

The chemicals division is specialized in supplying additives for the oil industry with products for the treatment on surface of crude oil as well as products and additives for the combustion of fuel oil in furnaces, boilers and stationary motors for power production. We also sell Guar Gum for the drilling industry.